Dr. Mark Spitsbergen10151394_636760636394608_2361146714350742254_n

Senior Pastor, Abiding Place Ministries, San Diego

“As a pastor, I highly, highly recommend that you invite Kelley Léger to minister in your church.”





Mike Francen10854219_320784984781142_719062522994984036_o

International Evangelist, Francen World Outreach, Tulsa

“In this generation God is raising up men and women who dare to defy limitations – who dare to take Him at His Word and show forth Heavens glory. Kelley Léger IS one of those chosen ones, who is passionately pursuing the nations. I applaud Kelley’s heart, salute his triumphs, endorse his ambitions, and value his friendship.”





Dr. Debbie Rich Rester123541

Senior Pastor, Faith Life, Aberdeen

“Evangelist Kelley Léger is one of the most gifted and anointed men of God I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Being his professor in Bible school I witnessed up close and personal his passion for Christ, then later, his powerful uncompromising preaching of the Word and his relentless fervor for the lost. Kelley is one of the top evangelists in the world today; a carrier of the fire of the Holy Spirit whom God confirms His Word through with great signs and wonders. One can sense the awesome holiness of God in his meetings. I feel so honored to know him and recieve of his ministry. I highly recommend Kelley, he will be an enormous blessing to your church, your city, and your nation.”


Pastor Corey Erman1536571_636881343014684_1740832116_n

Senior Pastor, The River Istanbul, Istanbul

“I first knew Kelley Léger when he worked for an international ministry. He directed and produced my first television programs (the first Christian television programs in Turkey) in 2003. We were not in touch again until 2014, when I was reacquainted with him during a ministry trip to Finland. What most impressed me about Kelley was his passion for a deep intimacy with the Lord, commitment to holiness and integrity of God’s Word. Recognizing that a pure word and anointing would flow out of him, because of his maturity and relationship with the Holy Spirit; I had him minister in our church.”


Dr. Lonnie Rex51910_441185391483_2967687_o

Crusade Director, T.L. Osborn Ministries

For over 65 years I’ve had the privilege of knowing many great men and serving many great men of God. From Presidents and Popes to International Evangelist and the unknown missionary working in a local village, I’ve seen a common thread that make all men what we would call “great”. This greatness was not revealed in their exploits so many know them for, but in their pure heart toward God that simply wanted His will. It’s this same heart that I’ve witnessed in this “great” Man of God, Kelley Leger. He is doing great exploits and will continue to do so, but know as you invite him to your church and have him in your nation, it’s this cry of his heart that says, “create in me a pure heart of God” that will result in the great impact you will inevitably see. I am honored to know him and fully endorse his ministry.


Pastor Tommie Zito10929898_10205696241785713_6897074758618937964_n

Evangelist & Senior Pastor, Light Fort Myers, Fort Myers

“I have known Kelley for over 15 years, since he was a young bible school student. I saw a fire in his eyes back then and knew the Lord had something great for him. I have watched him lead worship, worked with him on video and film projects through the years and now seeing him step into the pulpit and manifest the presence of Jesus. He is a man full of love for Jesus, His church and lost humanity. He’s been part of a great local church and faithfully served for years, therefore I know he honors the local body. Knowing him both personally and professionally, I highly recommend Kelley. He’s a rare breed and a giant weapon for us in Gods Kingdom. Excited to see what the Lord will do through his life.”


Joe & Becky Cruse1074441_10152096783659276_351852324_o

Evangelist & Worship Leaders, Worshipworks Ministries, Austin

“Kelley Léger is a passionate man with the fire of God in his bones and a love for God’s people in his heart. He is always a blessing wherever he goes. You will be abundantly blessed by his ministry.”







Bishop Robert Eliya WafulaScreen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.44.01 PM

Senior Pastor, Neno Evangelism Centre, Mombasa

“I came in contact with the servant of God Evangelist Kelley Léger during a conference at Faith Pleases God Church in Texas where we were both guest speakers hosted by Pastor Kevin Ortiz. I realized from that day, that God uses Evangelist Kelley in a very unique way. He is a very humble servant of God who ushers people into the presence of God. I had the opportunity to invite him to Mombasa, Kenya where he preached in two different conferences and one large crusade that resulted in great soul winning, with miracles and signs following. He is indeed a vessel in the hand of God, you will not regret giving him the opportunity to minister in your region, for he carries heaven with him.”


Pastor Jason Gillick387811_290680194304305_440643919_n


Senior Pastor, The River NW Church, Bremerton

‘A man after God’s own heart!’

Many times Kelley states; “it’s not the ministry of Kelley Léger that you need, it’s the ministry of Jesus!” The purity of his hearts motive to be a vessel for God’s use, results in many people being set free, healed and delivered. From the moment he begins to preach, the atmosphere is charged, and we know a deep work is taking place. I have seen a greater hunger ignited in our people, and it is still at work. Iron sharpens iron. Being with Kelley has stirred my heart to press harder into the Lord, and the fruit of this has been immense, to say the least.”


423876_10151003752895685_570691764_nPastor Kevin Ortiz

Senior Pastor, Faith Pleases God Church, Harlingen 

“Anointed!  A modern day REVIVALIST.  God uses him to bring people back to the Father’s love. I highly recommend his ministry.”







Pastor Ryan Giles286442_258745570821867_1313086_o

Senior Pastor, Flow Church, Flagstaff

“Every time I think about Pastor Kelley and the times he ministered at our church, I get a huge smile on my face. Many special things happened while he was with us. What stands out the most, is how much the kids loved him. All the kids practically begged to attend his services with the adults. They were watching, listening and entering into the presence of God anticipating their favorite part of the service, when he prayed for them. The children’s hunger level increased dramatically during the time Pastor Kelley visited our church and continued after his departure. Sure, we were friends in Bible School, so I knew Kelley as a Christian brother, with a pure heart and pure lifestyle, I knew he would preach at our church sometime, but in August 2014 God spoke to me very loud and clear “Get Kelley at your church NOW!” He was in Estonia at the time. I got a hold of him, he could tell it was urgent and we locked in the dates immediately. I am so glad he came and preached to us, we were all so blessed. I knew he would have great meetings at our church, however; they were far, far better than I even expected.”